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I received an interesting e-mail from one of my ex-students. It is worth to read and practice in our daily life. Some notes were added to make them even more worthy to read. enjoy!


Anda mungkin tidak mempercayainya, tapi merupakan nasihat yang baik untuk dibaca! Anda mungkin mempelajari sesuatu jika membacanya!!!


Bersedekahlah kepada orang lain lebih daripada yang mereka perlukan dan lakukanlah dengan penuh kerelaan.

Nota: Rasulullah Saw. bersabda,

اَلصَّدَ قَةُ عَلَ اْلمِسْكِيْنَ صَدَ قَةٌ، وَعَلىٰ ذِى الرَّحِمِ ثِنْتَانِ صَدَ قَةٌ وَصِلَةٌ ﴿رواه النسائى﴾

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Amazing Painting!

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I love these paintings very much. The artist is known as Imam Maleki from Iran. He was born on 1976, started to learn painting at the age of 15, and graduated from the Art University of Tehran in 1999 (Graphic Design). I bet his paintings will be highly valuable in the future and become legendary after his death. Enjoy them!


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Hoi Shah Alam & Kuala Selangor! Kalau dah tak tau apa, jangan cuba nak tunjuk pandai!!!

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Hj. Dzulkefly Ahmad - MP Kuala Selangor (PAS)

Hj. Dzulkefly Ahmad - MP Kuala Selangor (PAS)

If some of you watched T.V news last night, I believe you had came across issues regarding the use of “Allah” by other faiths in Malaysia. There are different opinions (as usual) among the members of parliament (MP).

Some agreed the term is exclusively Islam’s. Others believed it is universal and other faiths such as Catholic has the right to use “Allah” as well. Sadly, those who advocated that “Allah” can be used by other faiths came from none other than PAS, a party who self-proclaimed it is the protector of Islam and the fighter for Allah’s Hudud.

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The Impacts of ICT on Defense Industry

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11Defense industry is one of the vital economic units in most nations. It produces weapons and special equipment of war.  Some nations have developed their defense industry to the extend of  exporting the equipment to others. ICT had transformed the industry from producing dumb bombs to smart weapons, from people-centric to network-centric battlefields management, from aftermath combat review to real-time combat surveillance, from land and sea superiority to air and outer space superiority, and from hardware-based to software-based force multipliers.

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Nizar! Jangan Buat Lagu Tu…

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Daulat Tuanku!

Dulu, Paduka Seri Sultan Perak yang berkenan lantik hang jadi MB. Hang angkat sumpah nak berkhidmat untuk rakyat depan Tuanku. Bila Tuanku suruh letak jawatan hang ikut jer lah.

Tuanku bukan benci kat hang. Dia paling sayang kat hang, satu-satunya wakil PAS penah jadi MB di Perak.Tapi Tuanku terikat dengan peraturan. Dia buat keputusan bukan sebab favor sesapa.

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Gunung Jerai’s Puteri Mandi Waterfall

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The Puteri Mandi Waterfall stands roughly 60 to 75 meters from top to bottom

The Puteri Mandi Waterfall stands roughly 60 to 75 meters from top to bottom

Gunung Jerai (3,992 feets above sea level) is a majestic landscape in Yan, Kedah Darul Aman. It is ranked 68th in Malaysia’s highest mountain. Gunung Jerai has lots of picturesque places scattered around the mountain. During the recent Chinese New Year holiday (Monday, 26 January 2009), I climbed the the mountain to visit one of the most beautiful waterfall in Malaysia – yet unknown to the general public. It is known as Puteri Mandi.

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Image Copyrights: Nasruddin Hj. Ismail

Daulat Tuanku!

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Daulat Tuanku!

Tunku Muhriz Ibni Almarhum Tunku Munawir, Yang Dipertuan Besar Negeri Sembilan Ke-11 (Dec 2008 – )

Bagaikan sirih pulang ke gagang…yang berhak kembali bertakhta.